Alkan I
by LeRossignol
uploaded 2021-08-09
stock ship
#100 #tons #heavy #rocket #3

Alkan 1

When the 1.12.2 update released, I thought : hey, I should make a small base with these new anchors, let me JUST make a rocket first… Well, now I’m done! (still haven’t made a base yet…). It is a heavy lift rocket that I name Alkan I capable of carrying 100+ tons to low kerbin orbit or ~ >80 tons to Duna. This is one of my first real rockets I’ve built in this game (surprisingly) so, it might not be the best in terms of efficiency. I made sure it looked good before its functionality; witch is definitely not how to make a good rocket!


Resembling the Saturn V, this rocket has 3 stages. The first is to get it out of the thick atmosphere, the second to start circularizing and the third to finish circularizing and to get you to your desired destination. Of course, none of these stages are reusable. If you people like this, I may publish my Alkan 1B for smaller loads.


For fight, I just do the classic 45° at
10 000m. Sometimes it may veer off course so you will need to pay attention to make small adjustments. Press 1 to extend solar panel when the fairing is off

Download the flags used here

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