A-10 Warthog
by LeRossignol
uploaded 2021-08-02
(updated 2021-08-04)
stock+DLC aircraft
#Replica #Brrrrrt

Quick Overview

My biggest KSP project yet! This 556 part replica of the A-10A has many hidden features like : a full semi-functional replica of the GAU-8 inside, with doors to view it, sliding doors to view the electronics and avionics bay of the plane, bombs, missiles, glass opening canopy, detailed cockpit and custom landing gear . Now you know why there are so many parts!

The Gun

The famous gun of the A-10 is replicated to scale in this craft. It’s basically identical to the replica of the GAU-8 Avenger that I made. To operate it toggle RCS to spin the barrels, stage to fire and break to stop spinning. You can fire 6 times

Acces Doors

There are two pairs of access doors, the front one to view the gun and the other to view the electronics and avionics bay. press 2 to open the front doors and 3 for the back.


There are several mounts for weapons on the A-10. This replica has 3 weapons excluding the gun, bombs (blue), missiles (green) and… fireworks (orange), for fun!

Check the image for controls ————>

Cockpit and Canopy

Probably my favorite part of the craft is the transparent windows using flags. This technique was inspired by InterstellarKev. In the cockpit there is room for one kerbal, and many details like instrument panels and a control stick thing. Open the canopy by pressing 1.

Flying the A-10

It flies very well for a 500+ part craft, It maneuvers well and does what you want it to do. For easy takeoffs, get to a speed of 50m/s and slowly lift off the ground, of course SAS should be on. Just be careful not to steer off the runway though the wonky front landing gear (due to the gun) may steer. In the air, the plane has a top speed of ~100m/s. Although, under speeds of 30m/s you have a risk of staling.

Download flags
The Window flag is necessary but the others are optional (but recommended)

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