AC-974 Tunguska Gunship
by LandingImpossible
uploaded 2019-01-27
(updated 2019-02-04)
stock aircraft
#titljet #tilt-jet #VTOL #Gunship #V/STOL


A V/STOL tiltjet aircraft called AC-974 Tunguska Gunship aka The Flying Turkey.

  • very good actuation granularity in the tilting device which assures a precise thrust vectorisation.
  • smooth transition between the vertical and the horizontal flight regimes.
  • zero torque induced by the movement of the tilting device
  • easy to control; unlike other designs, the tilting servo and the flight directional controls sit on the same vessel. Only engine throttle and burn mode toggling require vessel switching.
  • easy expandable autonomy by clipping more Mk0 liquid fuel fuselage parts in the engine shaft.
  • for RCS thrusters to work, just threw some LF&oxidizer in the wings
  • while, overall, the aircraft is easy to fly, vertical landings and hovering are the most challenging maneuvers, in part because the throttling and directional control sits on different vessels, requiring switching back and forth between those two. Having dedicated buttons on the mouse or joystick helps a lot.
  • regarding the shape, the craft is purely fictional, and its blunt aspect intentional, as I was somehow biased toward military designs belonging to the long gone soviet era, hence the name I choose for th craft.
  • thanks to its features, the craft is very fun to fly and control.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 309
  • Pure Stock
  • Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.6.1.

!!! Notes/Updates:

With this one, I continued to exploit the the Cargo/Airbrakes mechanics to make stepping actuation working. On rare occasions the servo refuses to work or it simply goes boom in the sky.


1.0 - I’ve made some tweaks to the servo, it seems now it’s much less prone to malfunctions. Please let me know if you are still experiencing problems.

To fly:

  • activate SAS and hit [Space] for part separations;
  • the resulting parts, further referred to as aircraft body and engine assembly has their own controls and can be switched via [Switch Vessels] buttons, default []
1. The aircraft body:
  • main control surfaces: default [AWSD]
  • extend/retract gear & brake: default [G]
  • the Slats [AG9]
  • switch between different pods: [AG3] [AG4] - usefull in hovering mode
  • engine actuation is done via two Action Groups keys:

    • [AG1], double press, to direct thrust backwards. The actuation extent depends on the delay between key strokes, eventually, for full/max engine excursion, press AG1 once >> wait for full excursion >> press the AG1 again to close the sequence.
    • [AG2], double press, to direct thrust downwards. The actuation extent depends on the delay between key strokes, eventually, for full/max engine excursion, press AG2 once >> wait for full excursion >> press the AG2 again to close the sequence.
2. The engines assembly:
  • engine throttling: main throttle
  • switch engine’s wet/dry mode: [AG5]
  • toggle gimbal: [AG6]
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