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L.A.B. G-Force 2.0 LM
by LABenterprises
uploaded 2017-09-25
stock rover
#High #Performance #Le #mans #RaceCar


The G-Force LM removes all the reins of its street legal counterpart to provide less drag and more downforce.

A stock aircraft called L.A.B. G-Force 2.0 LM. Built with 210 of the finest parts, its root part is strutCube.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.0.

Top Speed: 80.2 mps/179.4 mph/288.7 kph

Action Group One: Toggle daytime running lights.

Note: Occasionally veers to the right.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: rover
  • Part Count: 210
  • Pure Stock

Test Track Lap Times

G-Force 2.0 LM 0:33

G-Force 2.0 0:36

B19 0:40

Bolt 0:45

Apex SFE 0:48

Apex 0:48

BSB-1 0:57

G-force 1:00

IndyCar 1:02

LMP1 1:06

Hyper LF 1:11

Badger 1:16

Hyper 1:19

B12 1:25

Synergy LF 1:25

Synergy 1:28

B15 ED 1:29

BGT 1 1:29

B10 ED 1:31

B10 1:36

B15 1:37

Thank to xZephy for help with English to French translation.

La G-Force LM retire tout les brides de son équivalent légal pour bénéficier de moins de trainée et plus de force négative.

Note: Tourne à droite de temps en temps

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