by LABenterprises
uploaded 2017-10-14
stock rover
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My Greatest Masterpiece!

This car is like a monster and will relentlessly destroy the very path it drives upon. It does not want to be superior to it’s older brothers. It does not wish to conquer any track that it comes across. It has no desire to be among the greatest of KSP performance cars. It only seeks a driver that can take it to its full potential, one who can assist it in its rampage against all racetracks. So if you not only plan on downloading it but intend to push it to its limits, I have but one question for you. Are you up for the task.

I’ve spent several weeks working up to what would become this car. It makes few compromises with aerodynamics and uses a fairly simplistic design to save weight and to decrease drag, I also figured out how to minimize veering of to the left or right. It is remarkably stable at high speeds and does not need its brakes for most corners. Overall I am extremely happy with this and it will not soon be forgotten if at all.

Top Speed: 92 mps/205.8 mph/331.2 kph

Action Groups

[1] Toggle daytime running lights

[2] Toggle rear wing

[3] Toggle engines

Note: Will sometimes veer slightly to the right or left.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: rover
  • Part Count: 192
  • Pure Stock

Test Track Lap Times

Destiny 0:31

G-Force 2.0 LM 0:33

G-Force 2.0 0:36

Formula 1 car 0:40

B19 0:40

Bolt 0:45

Apex SFE 0:48

Apex 0:48

BSB-1 0:57

G-force 1:00

IndyCar 1:02

LMP1 1:06

Hyper LF 1:11

Badger 1:16

Hyper 1:19

B12 1:25

Synergy LF 1:25

Synergy 1:28

B15 ED 1:29

BGT 1 1:29

B10 ED 1:31

B10 1:36

B15 1:37

Waiting for help from xZephy with English to French translation.

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