L.A.B. B19
by LABenterprises
uploaded 2017-09-11
stock rover
#High #Performance #Racing #Supercar #Megacar


Originally intended to just be a supercar but with a lap time of 40 seconds I guess its my newest megacar.

A stock aircraft called L.A.B. B19. Built with 186 of the finest parts, its root part is strutCube.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.0.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: rover
  • Part Count: 186
  • Pure Stock

Top Speed: 89.9 mps/201.1 mph/323.6 kph

Action Group One: Toggle daytime running lights.

Note: Veers slightly to the left.

Test Track Lap Times

B19 0:40

Bolt 0:45

Apex SFE 0:48

Apex 0:48

BSB-1 0:57

G-force 1:00

IndyCar 1:02

LMP1 1:06

Hyper LF 1:11

Badger 1:16

Hyper 1:19

B12 1:25

Synergy LF 1:25

Synergy 1:28

B15 ED 1:29

BGT 1 1:29

B10 ED 1:31

B10 1:36

B15 1:37

Thanks to xZephy for help with English to French translation.

Originalement prévue pour être juste une supercar mais avec un temps au tour de 40 secondes, je pense que c'est ma nouvelle mégacar;
Vitesse Max: 89.9 mps/201.1 mph/323.6 kmh
Action groups 1: Activer phares de jour
Note:Tire légèrement sur la gauche.

Note to He_162: Since the lap times of my recent performance cars have plummeted well below one minute I figured its about time to work out a new track. I’ll still use the current one to compare the handling of my cars as I make them but I thought this would be a great track to compete with each other. I call it the Kurburgring!

Kurburgring Lap Times

B19 1:10

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