L.A.B. B-37
by LABenterprises
uploaded 2018-08-25
stock rover
#Fast #Sporty #Supercar


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: rover
  • Part Count: 291
  • Pure Stock


A stock aircraft called L.A.B. B-37. Built with 291 of the finest parts, its root part is strutCube.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.4.5.

The B-37 is the replacement for the B-32, which still is one of the fastest cars I’ve ever made even though it’s over six months old. When I designed the B-32 it became one of my favorite cars in terms of looks and I wanted to preserve the styling in its successor. Because of this, the car’s appearance is more of an evolution than something completely different. Like how the Ferrari 488 is to the 458. However, this car is anything but a B-32 with some modifications and nowhere is that more apparent than when your pushing it to its limits. First off I believe I’ve finally perfected A.L.T. with this vehicle as it is barely noticeable. There isn’t a drastic change in the car’s handling like with the Apex but rather the car simply turns in more. The B-37 is also the most trustworthy car I’ve made yet. It will never oversteer and the steering is practically perfect. At high speeds it turns exactly where you want it to go without anything resembling instability. At low speeds there’s a little bit of understeer and delay but nothing worth complaining about. The reason for all the cars stability is mostly the fact that it generates more downforce at 150 mph than any other car I’ve made. Overall this car encourages you to go fast and forgives you when you make mistakes. This has been sitting around for a few weeks with two other variants. A GT version with an engine and interior, and a TF version with very distinctive styling. Both will be uploaded as soon as possible.


Max Power: 205 kN

Top Speed: 86.6 m/s/193.7 mph/311.8 kph

Downforce at 150 mph: 321 kN

Max Downforce: 535.7 kN

Max Aero Braking Force: 664 kN

Action Groups

[1] Toggle additional control surfaces

[2] Toggle headlights

[3] Toggle DRS

[4] Toggle frontal lift

Note: Braking at speeds exceeding 80 m/s can result in the car’s completes destruction.

Test Track Lap Times

Cheetah 0:35
2018 Apex 0:36
B-32 Vitesse 0:40
B-37 0:42
2018 Hyper 0:42
G-force 2.0 LM 0:42
2018 Synergy 0:43
B19 0:43
B-32 TF 0:44
Destiny 0:45
Formula 1 car 0:45
Bolt 0:46
B-34 0:47
G-force 2.0 0:47
B-27 0:48
B-32 0:50
B-31 R 0:50
1985 B1 0:52

Apex SFE 0:53
2018 Formula 1 car 0:54
B-31 0:56
B-26 1:00
Righello 1:02
B-36 TF 1:06
IndyCar 1:06
LMP1 1:09
B-36 1:10
G-force 1:11
Apex 1:16
BSB-1 1:23
2020 Tesla Roadster 1:24
Badger 1:31
PT-1 1:58
BGT 1 2:03
ST1 2:08
1906 Locomobile 2:51

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