by LABenterprises
uploaded 2018-01-05
stock rover
#High #Performance #Megacar #Supercar


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: rover
  • Part Count: 234
  • Pure Stock


A stock aircraft called 2018 L.A.B. SYNERGY. Built with 234 of the finest parts, its root part is strutCube.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.0.

As an homage to the original Synergy which at its time was my greatest performance car, the 2018 variant is capable of fast speeds and lap times with the use of raw power and experimental aerodynamics. It has eighteen junos and is more oriented toward straight line speed and acceleration than cornering. However, in order to assist it through tight turns it pioneers a new aerodynamic method I’m calling RAA(Reverse Active Aerodynamics). If your familiar with modern supercars and performance cars in KSP you most likely get the general idea of how active aero works and how it can be used in the game. You activate the brakes and they toggle a control surface to tilt upward which provides more downforce and helps slow the car down. RAA does the exact opposite of this, when the brakes are activated downforce decreases. This makes the car more free in tight corners and helps it remain stable at high speeds. However, the method isn’t something for an all out track car and is primarily a system that allows cars with way to much power to perform well on the track. Since it has more downforce under normal conditions it needs more engines to achieve high speeds which adds weight, making handling well more difficult. The decrease in downforce under braking also makes the car susceptible to losing control when braking for a high speed turn. Anyhow this thing is insane and crazy fast, go have some fun!

Top Speed: 141 mps/315.4 mph/507.6 kph

Action groups

[1] Toggle daytime running lights

[2] Toggle top speed mode

Note: Takes some getting used to when driving this thing and it will veer to the right or left.

Test Track Lap Times

Destiny 0:31

G-Force 2.0 LM 0:33

2018 Synergy 0:35

B-27 0:35

G-Force 2.0 0:36

Formula 1 car 0:40

B19 0:40

B-26 0:42

Bolt 0:45

Apex SFE 0:48

Apex 0:48

Righello 0:54

BSB-1 0:57

G-force 1:00

IndyCar 1:02

LMP1 1:06

Hyper LF 1:11

Badger 1:16

Hyper 1:19

B12 1:25

Synergy LF 1:25

Synergy 1:28

B15 ED 1:29

BGT 1 1:29

B10 ED 1:31

B10 1:36

B15 1:37

Waiting for help from xZephy with English to French translation.

Side note: Just recently reached over a thousand downloads! Thank you so much for the support.

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