HMS King George V
by Kurumi
uploaded 2021-09-16
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The HMS King George V was the lead ship of the King George V, or KGV class battleships built by the Royal Navy during the interwar period. They were designed in compliance to the Washington and London Naval Treaties, but with the latter treaty’s escalator clause in mind. The ships were planned to be refitted with three-gun 15 inch turrets and therefore were initially designed with twelve 14 inch guns in 3 four-gun turrets. However, stability issues caused the designers to replace the B turret with a two-gun turret, reducing the number of guns to 10 and giving the ships their iconic 4-2-4 gun look.

As the flagship of the British Home Fleet, HMS KGV took part in all three major theaters of WW2: the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and Pacific. She was involved in the hunt for Bismarck, dealing crippling damage to the German battleship. After that she took part in the Allied landings in Sicily by bombarding key targets such as Levanzo island and the port of Trapani. Later in 1945 KGV operated in the Pacific against the Empire of Japan.

Initially, the class as a whole had numerous issues, especially with the main turrets and fire control. However, these were gradually worked upon, turning the four (HMS Prince of Wales by this point had been sunk during the destruction of Force Z) remaining ships into decent battleships, with decent speed and firepower, and adequate armor. The fact that Great Britain had five (later four) modern fast battleships at their disposal gave them a strategic upper hand against most foes it faced, and allowed them to maintain a constant British presence in the world’s oceans.


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