Lowtech 4 Ton SSTO
by Kronus_Aerospace
uploaded 2017-07-12
stock spaceplane
#SSTO #Cargo #stock


A stock aircraft called Lowtech 5 Ton SSTO. Built with 56 of the finest parts, its root part is mk2FuselageShortLiquid.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.2.2.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 56
  • Pure Stock

This SSTO was designed in a campaign mode, as such it uses very low tech parts. This makes it a good craft to downlad if you’re playing in a campaign mode save and want an economical way of sending small payloads to into orbit. This SSTO is designed to carry a 4 ton payload, I would not recommend trying to send a payload much heavier than that into orbit. This craft is only designed to carry payloads into very low orbit, 70-75 kilometers. This craft also only requires a level 2 runway and a level 2 spaceplane hanger, this is why the action groups are so strange. The way I launch this craft into orbit is first by having the Panthers in dry mode. Then let the craft fly off the end of the runway, then pitch up by 10 degrees, from here on out you shouldn’t have to touch the controls until you circularize, this minimizes unneccessary drag generated by the control surfaces. Once the craft reaches 2.5 kilometers switch the Panthers to wet mode. Once the craft begins to decellerate, activate the Reliant engines through the staging sequence. Once you circularize the craft will have around 100 m/s of delta V. Once you preform your deorbit burn, pump any and all remaining fuel into the rocket fuel fuselage at the very front of the craft, this makes sure it is aerodynamically stable during re-entry. Depending on how well you fly the craft while re-entering, you can land the craft on the runway without having to use the panther engines. Even with such low tech parts this SSTO can send payolads into orbit far more cheaply than any reusable rocket. I have used this craft more than a dozen times so far in my current campaign, and following numerous tweaks it has proven to be very reliable. For an alternative version of the craft featuring a functional RCS system, check here https://kerbalx.com/Kronus_Aerospace/4-Ton-SSTO-V2

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