LowTech 40 Ton SSTO
by Kronus_Aerospace
uploaded 2017-08-09
stock spaceplane
#Cargo #SSTO #lifter #stock


A stock aircraft called LowTech 35 Ton SSTO. Built with 194 of the finest parts, its root part is mk2Cockpit.Inline.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.2.2.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 194
  • Pure Stock

This is a stock, lowtech, cargo SSTO designed in a career mode save. It can carry a 40+ ton payload and is the third in a series of lowtech SSTOs, The flight profile is identical to my lowtech 4 ton SSTO, so read the description there for details https://kerbalx.com/Kronus_Aerospace/Lowtech-4-Ton-SSTO. This SSTO requires quite a few more nodes than my Lowtech 14 Ton SSTO, it still only requires a level 2 SPH but does require a level 3 Runway. This SSTO only requires a level 2 R&D. This behemoth is truly the practical limit of what can be done with a Panther based SSTO, and should suffice for most craft you may wish to send into LKO. The Mainsail provides more than enough kick to get this craft into orbit.

P.S. Further testing showed the craft has a higher payload limit then I initially thought, hence the name change from 35 Ton to 40 Ton

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