Kronus DD-3 "PTV"
by Kronus_Aerospace
uploaded 2018-05-14
stock aircraft
#big #large #aircraft #jetfighter #jet


A stock aircraft called Kronus DD-3 PTV. Built with 392 of the finest parts, its root part is Rockomax32.BW.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.4.3.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 392
  • Pure Stock

This craft was heavily Inspired by the incredible works of Servo, whom I consider to be the king of fighter jet replicas, and fighter jets in general.

-Important Note: Please Read

This craft is rather fragile, and tends to explode during hard maneuvers. As such I recommend using Unbreakable Joints while flying this craft, although it isn’t strictly necessary.

-Basic Description

This craft is a massive highly maneuverable jet-fighter style aircraft. The building process for this craft was entirely unique to any other craft that I had ever made, but it is indisputably the best jet that I have yet produced. This jet is extremely stable in flight, to the point where SAS is entirely unneccessary. This craft uses stabilators made from clipped Big-S Elevon 2’s to control the pitch and the rest of the control surfaces to control roll (besides the one on the tail fins of course). This craft also has a ridiculous amount of yaw authority, like too much. Pulling a hard yaw maneuver with this craft will immediately max out the accelerameter on the Nav-ball, so yaw at your own risk.

-Flight Characteristics

-Rotation Speed: 50 m/s
-Max Speed SL: 346 m/s (Just barely Supersonic)
-Cruising Altitude: 9500 m
-Max Speed CRZ ALT: 298 m/s
-Stall Speed: 20 m/s
-Max Dive Speed: 460 m/s
-Sea level TWR: 1.78 (Will drop as the craft acellerates)

-Development Notes

This craft is actually fully capable of flying with the canards and tail fins alone, this made designing the wings very easy as I could test fly the craft whenever I wished to see how the changes I had made had influenced how the craft controlled.

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