Kronus 747-100-2C "Andean"
by Kronus_Aerospace
uploaded 2017-12-25
stock aircraft
#747 #replica #plane #big #huge


A stock aircraft called Kronus 747-100-2C Andean. Built with 322 of the finest parts, its root part is fuelTankSmallFlat.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.1.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 322
  • Pure Stock

-Basic Description

While my original 747-100 was rather well recieved, I was personally pretty dissatisfied with it. So I now present the new and vastly improved version. The Passenger modules were removed to reduce weight, part count, and improve aesthetics. The hump of the fuselage now transitions into the fairing far more smoothly. The COM has been moved substantially farther back thanks to small ore tanks hidden in the tip of the tail, thus allowing the wings to be moved as to be more accurate to the real thing. The craft’s landing gear layout now actually looks like the 747-100’s and the landing gear are also now hidden inside the fuselage. The wings now have much larger control surfaces, making the craft far more maneuverable. The nose looks a little bit better now. I think you get the point, it’s better in every single way compared to the original. It is also quite a bit lighter and has more thrust, so you could say that this is the cargo version of this particular craft. The Hump of the fuselage is significantly longer on this craft than it is on the real thing, but when I saw the long hump of the Lufthansa 747-8 I thought it it looked so cool that I had to include it in this design

-Flight Information

-Rotation Speed: 50 m/s
-Cruising Alititude: 10000 m
-Max Speed at CRZ ALT: 345 m/s (I don’t think the real thing could go quite that fast ¯_(ツ)_/¯ )
-Stall Speed: 45 m/s
-Maneuverability: Still a Brick TBH

-Known/Development Issues

-Those grey Mark3 to 2.5 meter adapters are REALLY starting to get on my nerves, if anyone has a fix I would love to know.

-Side Note

to any of my followers whom followed me because of my SSTO’s, I apologize for all the regular aircraft I’ve been making (especially all the 747s jeez). I promise I have something BIG in the works, it’s gonna take me some time before it’s finished, but it is coming.

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