Milo-Centipede Plane
by Klapaucius
uploaded 2019-06-12
stock+DLC aircraft
#bending #aircraft


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 168
  • Pure Stock

Klapaucius Reliable Air, Space, Sea & Hardware

K.R.A.S.S.H. Industries presents MILO, named after the protagonist in Norton Juster’s wonderful children’s book The Phantom Tollbooth. Our second bendable aircraft is a significant step forward in the design. The aircraft has no control surfaces, but rather maneuvers by flexing.

This is not an easy plane to fly, but it can be done. Be prepared to crash a lot initially. Watching the video will make the how of flying this plane a lot clearer.

You will need to fly this using the two KAL-1000 controllers.

Once on the runway, right click on each one. The one labeled Y-Axis regulates up and down movement. The one labeled X-Axis regulates side-to-side movement. Using your mouse, drag the playhead left and right of centre to control the plane. When you are around 40 m/s, drag very slightly left on the Y-Axis controller to get it up in the air. Level out as soon as you can. Small movements are key to your success. Keep an eye on the throttle–too much speed and the plane will start sine-waving (Sine-waving is a new compound verb created just for this plane). You can often recover from this by cutting the power and using the X-Axis controller to bend the plane left or right. That tends to knock out the worst of it.

The plane does have a very slow stall speed, so once you get your head around flying, it is possible to land it. Find an open and flat area. If you can actually put it back down on the runway, you are a better pilot than any of our test crew.

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