Alice-survey aircraft & base jumping platform
by Klapaucius
uploaded 2018-07-22
(updated 2019-01-27)
stock+DLC aircraft
#Alice #stock #tall #base #jump

K.R.A.S.S.H. Industries (Klapaucius Reliable Air, Space, Sea & Hardware) presents:
A dedicated survey plane and base jumping platform

K.R.A.S.S.H. Industries have once again proven that they are the leaders in Kerbal aircraft innovations. Surprisingly easy to fly, with an incredibly low stall speed, Alice is an excellent platform for mapping and surveying. The customer is able to customize and add whatever scientific instruments s/he needs on the versatile mast. Ample lighting is provided as well as a sun umbrella for those hot days in and around the Desert Airfield.

BASE JUMPING: Yes, in what we believe may be a first, Alice doubles as a base jumping platform. In fact, most crew find it easier to parachute down from the crow’s nest than take the ladder. See the last clip in the video for a demonstration.

ACTION GROUPS: There are several. Please check the tab.

Named, of course, after Alice, the explorer of Wonderland who after going down the rabbit hole ate a small cake which made her expand like a telescope.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 80
  • Pure Stock

K.R.A.S.S.H. (Klapaucius Reliable Air, Space, Sea & Hardware)– innovative designs no-one conceived a need for.

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