8-Part Flying Wing Oscar
by Klapaucius
uploaded 2018-05-19
(updated 2019-01-27)
stock aircraft
#flying #wing #lethal #stock #expendable

Flying Wing Oscar.

An early K.R.A.S.S.H. Industries project…Even by our dodgy standards, this is a poor aircraft.
Built with only eight parts, it was an experiment to see how simple one could get. And also a chance to see if an airplane with only one wheel was viable. It is…more or less…

One-wheeled take-offs are possible, and even one-wheeled landings can be done, albeit the percentage of successes vs failures is in the single digits. So far, we have achieved only one non-fatal landing that did not also wreck the aircraft. See video for a near success.

Takeoff is pretty easy. Press stability control, throttle up, and let it take off. Most of the time, this works, though it seems twitchier in 1.4.5.

That is about it for ease, however. The plane is named after Oscar the Grouch for good reason. It can be very twitchy, and landing is a challenge. It can be done, but it takes finesse. Action group one controls reverse thrust, which is essential to get this on the ground. Be ready to EVA if needed.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 8
  • Pure Stock

K.R.A.S.S.H. (Klapaucius Reliable Air, Space, Sea & Hardware)– innovative designs no-one conceived a need for.

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