GH-9 Albatross Personal Glider
by Kestrel
uploaded 2020-05-09
stock aircraft
#glider #aircraft #plane #stock #crewed


The Greenhayes Model 9 Albatross is a small, light, and somewhat delicate personal glider, ideal for fitting into all of the little gaps larger gliders can’t. Beginner pilots will find it docile thanks to the high-mounted wing, and experienced pilots will be able to use the powerful elevator and rudder to execute sharp turns and loops.

Some test pilot tips:

  1. Because of the high wing position, the glider naturally rests on a wingtip when on the ground. Even more than with other gliders, it is important to level the wings when taking off!

  2. The rudder is extremely effective and horizontal turns are easy to make. However, be careful not to over-input and lose all your energy in a sharp turn!

  3. The glide extension rockets are not identical; the first set of rockets are more powerful to enable takeoff if necessary, and the second and third rockets produce less thrust, but burn for longer for more flight time.

  4. The main wheel is retractable, so keep it in mind to extend it for landing!


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 52
  • Pure Stock
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