electrobird 1 stable
by Kerbal101
uploaded 2017-02-20
stock aircraft

Fully stock electric plane! Flies at Kerbin, should fly at Laythe, Jool or anywhere with atmosphere. Its relatively lowtech.

How to fly:
1. Press Space to detach the engine. This is done once.
2. Press T to turn on the SAS.
3. Switch to engine with [ or ] and press Q to start rotating. You should keep this key pressed down the whole time you need engine working.
4. If you need course correction, quickly press [ or ], do it and then quickly switch back to engine.

Plane is extra sturdy, but keep maximum speed below 60m/s. The extra power is to make your engine speed up in any situation.

This plane has only four downsides:
- it requires sun light
- it requires Q pressed down to flight
- the engine and maneuvering are done in two separate views
- the 60m/s speed is still slow

But - its unlimited in fuel!


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 139
  • Pure Stock
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