Jaeger Heavy Industries J-166 Interceptor "Starchaser"
by KallmeKranes
uploaded 2020-02-04
stock aircraft
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A Supersonic interceptor based heavily on the F-104 Starfighter and with inspiration from PhantomAerospace’s Supermarine Starfighter. Capable of a maximum possible speed of Mach 4.1.

The Starchaser comes equipped with an ejection pod system. Stage 1 will activate the engine. Stage 2 will fire away the fairing fuselage and eject the Command Pod. Stage 3 will activate the parachute on the top of the command pod.

In the year 1914, the Great War broke out between the powers of The Prussian Kingdom, The Anglo Empire, and The Balkan Union. As the war raged on, a rhythm began to form. One would attack Two, then Three would attack One, then Two would attack Three. This vicious cycle of taking and loosing land continued for forty years, neither of the three superpowers gaining on each other as the war slowly faded to the back of public consciousness and simply became a fact of life. In an attempt to gain some edge over the chaos in the skies, the Prussian Kingdom’s Jaeger Heavy Industries proposed a supersonic interceptor fast enough to outrun enemy dog-fighters and catch up to bombers before they could reach their target. The result of the program was the J-166 Interceptor, which entered service in 1957. Because of its incredibly high speed, it was nicknamed ‘Starchaser’ by its pilots. Being the fastest plane ever built by The Prussian Kingdom, it was important to keep it out of enemy hands. As a result it was only stationed at major cities and key front line airfields to ensure no enemy bomber would get close to large population centers. Despite its incredible capabilities, I-166 production was ended in 1960 as the first order of 110 planes was concluded. The I-166 continued to serve the Prussian Kingdom until 1964 when it was retired from active service in favor of slower, safer, and more fuel efficient Interceptors. The I-166 can still be found at training airbases and museums, continuing to do service to its country, in more ways than one.

A stock aircraft called Jaeger Heavy Industries J-166 Interceptor Starchaser. Built with 43 of the finest parts, its root part is MK1Fuselage.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.8.1.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 43
  • Pure Stock
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