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Kerbatros P-2B Firetail [No DLC]
by Jon144
uploaded 2019-08-26
stock aircraft
#Stock #Propeller #No-DLC


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 72
  • Pure Stock

After years of constructing obscenely overpowered propeller planes, engineers at Kerbatros Aviation finally decided to develop a more modest power-plant.

The end result was the P-2 Firetail series of aircraft powered by a measly combined 30 units of reaction wheel torque. A pleasant surprise to everyone involved, this small engine ended up being highly reliable while still possessing a fantastic thrust to weight ratio.

The lightweight construction of the Firetail (under 3 tons) affords it spectacular maneuverability while its aerodynamic shape allows a decent top speed in level flight at 115 m/s.

The simple and rugged design of the aircraft (not even employing retractable landing gear) makes it a favorite to daring pilots looking to impress the KSC R&D facility with wild aerobatics and novice pilots alike.

Controls: Alt+Q/E Throttle the engine. Action group [9] toggles high speed propeller pitch. Action group [10] toggles engine power on / off.

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