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F-35B Lightning II ver.3.2
by JollyGreenGI
uploaded 2017-10-09
stock aircraft
#Lockheed #Martin #VTOL #multirole


The Trillion Dollar Brick. Contrary to popular belief, it actually does fly, and rather well. The B variant is configured for STOVL, allowing it to operate from improvised runways and Amphibious Assault Ships. Because of this, it is inherently cooler than the A and C variants.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 168
  • Pure Stock

Before we get to the important stuff, I just want to mention that this is not just an edit of my previous F-35B, but rather a spiritual successor built from the ground up.

Some design elements do carry over from the last iteration, however much more is taken from my recent projects.

This craft has been roughly 6 months on and off in the making, and I hope it shows.

I wouldn’t consider this a 100% replica, but it approaches the look and feel of the real thing. Unfortunately top speed is only around 130m/s due to the drag and mass of extra ‘shaping’ elevons and the swivel mechanism itself. Fortunately, this means the engine won’t get ripped out by aerodynamic stresses.

!! Important Flight Controls !!

If the engine is unresponsive after moving to the VTOL position or otherwise acting strange, pressing Action Group [3] usually fixes the issue. If not, return to default position.

Action Group [4] - Engage VTOL system

Action Group [2] - Disengage VTOL system

Operation Notes:

Action Group [5] - Toggle Weapon Bays

  • Main Engine & ‘Lift Fan’ afterburners are not connected. [Stage] toggles Main Engine burner while [RCS] toggles ‘Lift Fan’ burner. Controlling these allows bursts of extreme pitch control in VTOL.

  • Engaging VTOL with main engine afterburning may cause the hinge to not lock in place properly. Disengage and attempt without afterburner to fix.

  • Engine area will often shudder when engaging or disengaging VTOL, this is normal.

  • Pressing AG [3] at least 2 seconds before dis/engaging will ‘ready’ the airframe and mitigate shuddering. This will greatly decrease time required to disengage VTOL, and improves reliability. Highly recommended.

I don’t need no rocket science.

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