A-30D 'Blitzen IV' KCS
by JollyGreenGI
uploaded 2017-11-11
(updated 2017-11-11)
mod aircraft
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  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 125
  • Mods: 4


  • Automated Aerial Refueling System
  • BDArmory
  • Ferram Aerospace Research
  • Squad (stock)
  • Advanced Jet Engines


Rebuilt from the ground up to be bigger, faster, stronger, and more agile. Somehow we also lost 3 whole tonnes.
Designed to take heavy damage and give out much more, the ‘Blitzen’ is ideal for flying low over a field and coming out full of holes, and landing at a runway after. Just don’t expect to be going fast at all, armour comes at a heavy price.


  • Crew: 1
  • Length: 13.51 m
  • Wingspan: 15.37 m
  • Height: 3.95 m
  • Empty Weight: 13,917 kg 3 tonnes lighter
  • Loaded Weight: 18,056 kg
    • CAS Mission: 22,822 kg
    • Anti-armour Mission: 21,452 kg
  • Max. takeoff weight: 25,000 kg
  • Powerplant 2x CF34-J85 turbofans, 54.2 kN each


  • Never Exceed Speed: 310 m/s
  • Maximum Speed: 282 m/s 130 m/s faster
  • Cruise Speed: 150 m/s
  • Stall Speed: 65 m/s
  • Service Ceiling: 10000 m @ 240 m/s 5000 m higher
  • Rate of Climb: 30 m/s
  • Thrust/Weight: 0.36


  • Guns: 1x 30mm GAU-8 with 1200 rounds
  • Hardpoints: 11 (8x under-wing and 3x under-fuselage) with capacity of 7875 kg 4125 kg greater

  • Rockets: 4x Hydra-70 Rocket Pods

  • Missiles:

    • 2× AIM-9 Sidewinders (self-defense)
    • 6× AGM-65 Mavericks
  • Bombs: None. …Just kidding.

  • Others:

    • Flares and Chaff dispenser and
    • AN/ALQ-131 ECM Pod or
    • Up to 2x Mk0x3 drop tanks


  • AN/APG-63V1 radar
  • BDA Weapon Manager
  • Integrated FLIR pod (Port side gear nacelle)

An A-30D dropping its full bomb payload

This A-30 sustained massive damage, resulting in the loss of half a tail, engine #1, and the FLIR pod. Pilot Glewise Kerman was noted as saying she flew like nothing was wrong.

After landing wheels up and colliding with a fuel depot, this A-30D suffered non-critical damage to the airframe. Landing gear was found to be fully functional. Pilot Bill Kerman could not be reached to comment.

It’s got two wings and flies, is there anything else you need?

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