by JimmyR
uploaded 2018-01-06
stock lifter


A stock aircraft called F9BV. Built with 206 of the finest parts, its root part is dockingPort2.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.1.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: lifter
  • Part Count: 206
  • Pure Stock

F9BV is a Falcon 9 replica inspired by EJ_SA’s Condor 9.

9 ton payload capacity to LKO with RTLS for the first stage

Action Groups:
1 - toggle outer engines on/off
3 - deploy top airbrakes
4 - deploy landing legs and toggle deployment actuator
5 - retract landing legs and toggle retraction actuator

Wall of Text: Ascend vertical to 3000m then pitch over 5-10 degrees, maintain until 12000m then pitch another 5-10 degrees. At 18000m pitch over to 65-70 degrees and hold there until AP reaches 73000m. Cut throttle and stage to undock, you will now be piloting the upper stage. Immediately pitch down while the seperatrons are firing and aim for just below 90 degrees. When you are pointing 90 degrees, throttle up and stage to jettison the shroud and fire the engine. At this point switch back to the first stage and pitch it back towards 270 degrees. Use action group 1 to toggle off the outer engines while turning around. Once pointing 270 degrees, fire the main engine until your orbital velocity goes down to about 550m/s and you have around 1300 units of oxidizer remaining. Cut the engine and use map view to switch back to the upper stage and circularize your orbit. Once circularized go back to the first stage from map view. Lean the booster over with the top pointing away from which ever direction you want the booster to coast and manually enable pitch and yaw on the airbrakes. Descend until about 4500m then fire the engine and hit action group 4 to deploy the landing legs. When your speed gets below 100m/s the legs will begin to fall the rest of the way down. Once they begin to fall start tapping Z until all four legs dock. Land the stage at or below 12m/s touchdown speed. Use Action Group 5 to retract the legs once the rocket has been supported by the recovery vehicle.

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