"Ascensor" Liquid Fuel Only SSTO
by Jestersage
uploaded 2019-12-03
(updated 2021-06-06)
stock+DLC spaceplane
#SSTO #M19 #Gurkolyot #LF-only #Mk3


Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.11.2
- Making History DLC
- Squad (stock).
Root part is mk3Cockpit.Shuttle.

Most recent updates
  • Nosecone change for increase thermal tolerance
  • additional thrusters for easier flying


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 92
  • Pure Stock
  • KSP: 1.11.2

Flight Profle

Max PL Mass (80K):
36t, 0 degree east (TWR=0.37)
26t, 30 degree east
18t, Polar

EFFECTIVE Payload mass (to 125k Station):
22t, 0 degree east, 900 m/s during 80k parking orbit, used ~320 m/s for fast transfer and rendezvous. Nominal TRW=0.43

Rear tank max=1750 (1500 norm)

[1] Toggle NERV
[2] Toggle Jets

Launch (keep SAS on):

1) Fly at 7 deg, to 10k
2) At 10k. Level to build up speed (minimum 1400m/s). Keep below 15k; (Turn on NERV if needed)
3) Once past 1400m/s, angle up to ~15 deg
4) At 18k, turn on NERV if not done so
5) At 40k, lock to prograde (make sure it’s above 1 deg), then boost till AP=72k+.
6) At AP=72k, Turn off engine, return SAS to stability assist, adjust angle to 20 degree, Coast to AP (with occasional burst to keep AP=72k), then circulize


1) Reduce AP to 80k maximum
2) Reduce PE such that it is opposite your landing zone and 55k
3) Transfer as much fuel to the the forward fuel tank
4) When hitting atmosphere, keep the angle at 20 deg, and extend the roll elevon
5) Once altitude<10k, enable jet (toggle 2) and fly to runway.


M-19 Gurkolyot SSTO Concept (Russia)
* https://falsesteps.wordpress.com/2016/09/24/m-19-gurkolyot-grab-the-problem-by-the-throat-not-the-tail/
* https://testpilot.ru/russia/myasishchev/m/19/
* https://imgur.com/r/space/ASvL8


In order to compete against KSC, TianPin proposed their own solution regarding a reusable payload delivery system, in the form of Ascensor. Using the top of the line technology, Ascensor sports 6x Rapier to boost its speed in atmosphere, and 8x NERV nuclear engine to push the spaceplane into low Kerbin orbit. While its usable payload capacity and reachable orbit is less than that offered by Porter shuttle system, and even less tolerant of bad flying, its liquid-fuel-only system simplified logistics, and its completely reusable design makes its long-term cost lower than that of Porter. In theory, with additional fuel tank and in-orbit refuel, Ascensor can even be used for interplanet exploration.

Builder’s note

  • As noted in the links, this is actually a competitor against the Buran Space Shuttle.
  • At this point, if I see something that is on paper from real world space agency, it’s free real estate
  • I cannot say this is completely my research and design, but instead is based upon AeroGav’s drag researches, specifically on how he built his Lusitania.

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