Ananas CSM (LKO) + Butalae Octa
by Jestersage
uploaded 2018-11-12
(updated 2019-04-21)
stock+DLC ship
#Saturn #IB #Apollo #LKO

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.7.0
- Making History DLC
- Squad (stock).
Root part is mk1-3pod. (DLC REQUIRED)

Replica of:

Apollo CSM + Saturn IB


Ananas CSM is one of spacecraft developed after the Project Upriser. KSP’s first 3 person spacecraft, its capsule featured integrated reaction wheel and RCS thrusters which provides much maneuverability. Its “Wolfhound” engine is extremely powerful and efficient, allowing it to do fast transfer to even MKO designations if needed. Fuel Cells and basic science package rounded out the rest of the feature.

In order to keep it under budget, the Butalae design concept was employed, at least for the first stage; in the case of Octa (LKO launch vehicle), 8 Fogin-YiCC1 tanks were clustered around a Fogin-YiWCC tank, with 4x Gimbal-mounted T-45 at the edge for steering, while 4x T-30 at the middle provide the power.


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 86
  • Pure Stock

Real-Life notes

In real life, the Saturn I/IB utilized 8x Redstone tanks (4 holding LOX and 4 holding RP-1), around a Jupiter Rocket tank containing LOX. What Wikipedia did not specify is whether it’s just one of the tank, or the entire fuselage (both LOX and Fuel). In any case, this arrangement looks better.

Used Skipper instead of Skiff, since the TRW is just real bad for a stage operating in atmosphere.

Ananas comes from the scientific name for Pineapple. Seeing how in Chinese, Apollo is 阿波羅 (Or, A-Pineapple)…

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