"Aardvark" Cargo Spacecraft + LV
by Jestersage
uploaded 2020-12-21
stock ship
#Cargo #HTV #Service #Resupply #ETS

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.11.0
- Squad (stock).
Root part is Rockomax8BW.

Action group:


  • HTV (Japan)
  • Aardvark Block-II (Eyes Turned Skyward)(fictional USA)
  • LV: H-IIa. (Japan)


The AARDV (Ananas Autonomous Rendezvous and Docking Vehicle), paraphrased as Aardvark, is a multipurpose service vehicle designed to transport logistics and supplies to orbital facilities.

At the front, a pressurized cargo container with 48 slots for cargo, while an unpressurized payload bay behind the cargo container allows delivery of external or oversize components. All of these are propelled by a LF/O service module originally designed for an LKO version of Ananas Spacecraft, providing ample of delta-V and thus can reach facilities of various inclinations.

To launch the Aardvark, a modification of Ariane 5 is used. Its cost is lowered by using reduction and replacement of some components, such as using 4x Thumper SRB instead of the Kickbacks, and utilization of Skipper for main engine.

Maker’s Note

I purposely want to make a cargo spacecraft that is vanilla, and thus, the diameters that can be used is restricted, which in turn restrict which cargo spacecraft I can base it on.

This spacecraft is a combination of what I consider to be the best feature of IRL’s HTV of Japan, and AARDV of the alternative history of Eyes Turned Skyward. However, it differs form both Aardvark of ETS and IRL’s HTV in the following:

  • HTV actually has 4 smaller thrusters for OMS, using the same propellants as the RCS. It also has way more solar panels than I personally like. (I did made one using monoprop tanks and engine, but the delta-V have much less margins). HTV also uses CBM (as oppose to the ASPS-styled docking port), and thus need to be berthed by Canadarm instead of being able to self-dock.
  • Eyes Turned Skyward’s version of Aardvark use a total of 8x Quads for RCS like a stretched Apollo (instead of distributed type as I attempted), and has no solar panels.

Otherwise, they both function similarly, being used to supply the ISS (or its ETS equivalent, known as Freedom), and have unpressurized payload bay in the center for external equipment.

The Launch Vehicle is one of my many attempts to make a good-enough replica LV that is powerful, cost effective, and doesn’t need to use the DLCs. As indicated, I started with the stock Ariane 5 and attempt to make a spec-matched Ariane 6. The end result failed as intended, but sufficient to function as H-IIa.


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 70
  • Pure Stock
  • KSP: 1.11.0

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