Artemis Utility SSTO
by Jarin
uploaded 2016-06-11
stock spaceplane
#ssto #utility #stock #ssta

Artemis Utility SSTO. 72 parts. In default config here, can carry six kerbals to Minmus and back. The forward Mk2 fuel tank can be replaced with a long cargo bay for any general orbital use. Slight tweaking, removing the passenger module, and inverting the cargo bay to face the ground can turn this into a Single-Stage-to-Anywhere with ISRU onboard to refuel. (ISRU model not included because of non-stock parts)

Flight profile: Accelerate flat at sea level ‘till 400m/s, then point up at 10-15 degrees to the edge of the atmosphere. Engage nuke engines once you are no longer accelerating under airbreathing rapiers alone. Close air intakes with 2 to force mode-switch. Run the rapiers out of Ox, then circularize with nukes at desired altitude.

Warning: RCS not properly balanced for docking; forward linear thrusters may need to be disabled, depending on fuel balance.

Re-Entry: Enter atmosphere shallowly with high AoA. Leave radiators extended until about 37km (they will break around 35 if left active, but greatly help with cockpit heating before that). Below 35km, shift AoA up or down to adjust trajectory and projected landing area. Airbrakes are overkill levels of slowing, so use carefully to avoid undershooting. Gear can handle fairly high vertical speed on landing so don’t be afraid to pop the brakes and drop it down a bit rough.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.1.2.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 72
  • Pure Stock
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