Arrowmaker VTOL SSTO
by Janus92
uploaded 2020-05-26
(updated 2020-05-27)
stock+DLC spaceplane
#VTOL #SSTO #vtol #ssto

Arrowmaker VTOL SSTO (Breaking Ground required)

The Arrowmaker is a 59t VTOL SSTO capable of carrying 6 kerbals into LKO (up to 830m/s delta-V remaining) and back.
It is (surprisingly) well balanced for an experiment of a VTOL SSTO with rotating hover engines, and rather easy to fly, so I’m happy to share this craft with you.
It includes extendable solar panels and radiators to cool down the spaceplane after flight. (the fuselage can warm up to 400c after a specifically hot re-entry, so don’t touch it without a spacesuit)


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 103
  • Pure Stock
  • KSP: 1.9.1

Simple Guide:
- press 1 to activate hover engines
- press 2 to activate RAPIERs
- at 150m alt press 4 to rotate hover engines
- pitch for 10 degrees attitude and hold.
- at 30km alt press 3 to switch RAPIERS mode for vacuum thrust.

5 - Solar panels/Radiators
8 - Speedbrakes
9 - Ladders

Update 27/5/2020:
- Ditched the ISRU, and commit to LKO Spaceplane use.
- slight air intake changes.
- added a small docking port, an extra ladder, and RCS ports.
- removed one battery pack, added 2 inline stabilizers.

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