KDF Bloodhound
by InterstellarKev
uploaded 2023-06-28
stock+DLC rover
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Next Generation Walking Tank

The future is finally here. Advancements in our Walking Tank technology have allowed us to create the next generation of Mobile Armored Suits. Now with new advancements in energy production, we can expand our arsenal with the next generation in our forces as well as civilian applications in Construction, Medical Rescue, Riconnocence, and off World Exploration. The Bloodhound is the first of its kind.

CHECK at the bottom of the post or comments for links. Place flags in the Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Flags Folder (this is not a mod)

Drive Instructions

This mech can pretty much go anywhere. Before launching please make sure if you are docking with any unit to use the abort key to cut off any power to the Kal-1000s to prevent accidents.

Action Groups

ABORT - Toggle power to all Kal1000s
Stage - Fire Guns
AG1 - Toggle Walk
AG2 - Toggle Stop
AG3 - Toggle Walking Kal1000s to stop
AG4 - Sit/Stand Mode
AG5 - Raise and Lower Gun Arms. (if equipped)
AG6 - Lock/Unlock Body Turn
AG7 - Toggle Bracing Legs

Operations (PLEASE READ)

To Walk

Toggle SAS and set craft to (Radial In). Double tap AG7 (Bracing legs) to toggle and press AG1 to start walking. Use Q and E keys to turn.

To Stop ___________________________________________________________________________
Press AG2 to stop walking and reset your gait. From here you can start walking again. Also not in the action group but you can toggle the ladder in the front to climb up and down if needed. AG3 Will stop all Walking Modes for Kal1000s (useful for action shots or emergency panics)

Sit/Stand Mode

Did you fall down? No fear! Can stand up easily on any planetary body.
Press AG4 (Sit/Stand) and rock your body until you are sitting upright (recommended unbreakable parts for this one) then Press AG7 (Bracing Legs) when it begins to raise forward press AG2 (stand) and your mech will stand again.


FIRE GUNS (if equipped)

Press Stage - Fire Guns in automatic volleys. Alternating between left and right arms. Press the stage again to stop. Recommend infinite Propellant to keep shooting

Raise/Lower Guns

Press AG5 (guns) to raise and lower gun arms. In the down (default) position you can turn guns left and right. In Gun Platform mode (UP) you can lower and raise guns.

Artillery mode.

Make sure you are in Stop Mode (AG2) and press AG7 to lower (Bracing Legs) and Press trim keys H and N to raise and lower mech (warning not good for walking when raised) BONUS! If you Press AG6 (Lock/Unlock Body Turn) you can unlock and lock Turret Mode to turn your body in the direction you need. Be careful about going too fast you can tip the craft. Press Stage - Fire Guns in automatic volleys. Press the stage again to stop.

Additional Infomation

Custom Shoulder mounted docking ports and back docking ports can be used to carry a load of anything you need for whatever mission you want.

Need to run those delicious snacks to the crew? Well, load up!

Need to take out some rebels that have besieged some buildings? No problem.

Need to scout out in a terrain that treads just won’t get the job done? We got you!

Has space applications as well with RCS units under and around the middle section of the craft. can be used as an orbital platform for maintenance or defense for orbital stations or colonies. Make sure to stop the movement to gun arms before RCS mode

Thank you for reading and have fun!

A stock aircraft called KDF Bloodhound. Built with 450 of the finest parts, its root part is roverBody.v2.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.12.5.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: rover
  • Part Count: 450
  • Pure Stock
  • KSP: 1.12.5

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