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stock lifter
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9:cut drogues 0:gimbal

A stock rocket called Zephyr. Built in the KSP 1.11.2 VAB with 89 stock parts.

I packaged Zephyr some time ago with Mosquito Javelin, replacing the original Javelin lifter therein, but here it is now, separately, in its own right.

75 tons dry load to orbit or 170 tons borrowing fuel from the payload; very versatile! I am now using it whenever I can.

It is based on the fundamentals of Atkara’s Mk1a Launch Vehicle with a few alterations. Certainly, please look at his design, too.

Simplified Recovery Procedure:
* lower orbit to 70x70km
* at 110W, lower PE to NEG 260 km; SAS Radial Out
* purge all fuel except the for'ard tank (1350 LF); move fuel to the aft tank
* turn Prograde when unable to hold Radial Out, moving fuel for'ard
* when maneuvering speed is attained, split the fuel between the two S3s
* maneuver to land using thrust as necessary
* preparing to land, jettison all fuel
* throw the drag chutes. they may be cut with [9] if desired
* gear down and brakes set to land. Throw main chutes over the runway

ECO 2020-11-08 wings, fins and tail landing gear
ECO 2020-11-21 aerodynamically tuned for flight after re-entry; upper tank strengthened for recovery
ECO 2021-02-27 swapped Mk3-to-2.5m adapter for an ADTP-3-2; tuned chute pressures
ECO 2021-03-01 cosmetic change to fix awry booster placement
ECO 2021-03-07 tuned weight & balance for extended glide; flat recovery system
ECO 2021-11-03 now equally at home, touching down, land or sea
ECO 2021-11-08 stable at low speed, empty fuel

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