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uploaded 2019-10-11
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stock+DLC lander
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1:engines 2:drills 3:mine 4:dock

A stock miner called Gremlin. Built with 142 of the finest parts, its root part is asasmodule1-2.

Gremlin is the long-gestating upgrade to my venerable Goblin fuel miner/exploration base.

Like Goblin it:
* is maneuverable
* relocatable
* supports local exploration
* provides habitat for 16 Kerbals
* can refuel retractable nosegear craft (claws)
* can refuel light hover craft (top dock)
* can shuttle fuel to a space station in low orbit
* is dockable on both ends for flexible interplanetary transit

In addition, Gremlin separates the heavy mining paraphernalia into its lower stage (to be left on the surface) and the main fuel tanks and propulsion into the upper stage. This permits the option to reorbit the whole vehicle, when supplying fuel to a space station OR to depart with only the fuel shuttle stage, leaving the mining operation running, and returning to redock from a hover.

It is recommended procedure to land the fuel shuttle close by (landing legs extended), then adjust the thrust limiters to e.g. 30% (depending upon the lunar gravity) and then find a thrust setting that gives a slight sink rate. Then use the Vernors to control translation over the target and then perform a gentle sink onto the first stage top dock. You can use the Vernor H key to arrest and/or fine-tune the sink rate without touching the throttle. All done, needless to say, with SAS Radial Out mode selected.

Note that Goblin LF/OX capacity of 20,000 kals increases to 41,520 kallons with Gremlin.

Using this machine successfully is a buzz and it is, without doubt, a real pilot’s machine.

It comes with a Zephyr booster to get you to LKO. Pilot Operating Handbook states that all engines should be kept until the apoapsis is achieved (nominally 90km); and the Rhino further retained until a periapsis of around 0 is achieved.

Have tons of fun!!
Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.7.3.

ECO 2019-11-13 Added skid pads; removed unsightly legs

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