Bumblebee Redux
by Hotel26
uploaded 2018-11-02
(updated 2018-11-08)
stock ship
#quadcopter #Brikoleur #VTOL #trainer


1:go 2:hover 3:HORZ 4:VERT

A stock quad-copter called Bumblebee Redux. Built with 43 of the finest parts, its root part is Mark2Cockpit.

To mark my Sixtieth Publication here @KerbalX.com, I present this rendition of Brikoleur’s magnificent Bumblebee VTOL trainer herein unlocked for short-range conventional flight and published with his most generous and gracious permission.

The original Bumblebee perfectly fulfilled its stated mission as a VTOL trainer but its brilliant design nevertheless contained the DNA for a full-utility mission profile. As a mere workman, unworthy of the task, interpreting that DNA I have made the following simple modifications:

  • re-oriented the VERT thrust stacks for minimal drag in HORZ flight
  • added 2 more Junos to now provide the HORZ thrust
  • embedded an Okto2 facing vertically to provide a VERT control reference [AG4] used in conjunction with SAS Surface mode Radial Out.[1]
  • removed the for'ard Vernor to add a small radial intake for extra air for the brief periods in which both sets of Junos are operating
  • added a basic fin for yaw stability during cruise mode

This wee beastie operates at 200-220 m/s at 5,000m drawing 0.08 kal/sec yielding a range of 715km. Hover ceiling is 4800m.

The Vernor translation controls H,I,J,K and L are available in the hover but N is not. Importantly, K will slow your descent when HORZ Ctl [Ag3] is selected but use H when/if hovering with VERT Ctl [AG4]. (I use the VERT Ctl primarily to return to a stable, neutral attitude.) Ensure you have RCS selected to use the Vernor thrusters…

[1] DO NOT FORGET to tap ‘F’ SAS Hold before selecting [AG3] to transit from VERT Ctl to HORZ Ctl mode.

Atmospheric Autopilot in level flight is highly recommended. Be very ginger about attitude adjustments whilst landing on SAS only!

My sincere gratitude to the Master for the lessons his ingenuity have taught a simple workman. (I am not worthy! :) ) Please do check out the full range of his imaginative creations.

VTOL is amazing fun! Please enjoy!

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.1.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 43
  • Pure Stock
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