Batwing Mk2
by Hotel26
uploaded 2022-01-06
| Version 2 of 2
stock ship
#Duna #VTOL #pax


1:horz 2:vert 3:drag 4:chute 5:dock

A very successful upgrade called Batwing Mk2. It comes mounted upon an Archer Tomcat launcher. The ensemble is capable of journeying from the launchpad to the surface of Duna.

Should be good also for cruising above Duna directly from origin to destination or for low-key exploration.

* ensure you have krew in the cockpits of both Archer and Batwing
* SAS Hold
* reaching 90 m/s, SAS Prograde
* burn to raise Ap to 81km
* circularize

Cruise Altitudes:
* 340 m/s @ 10 km [ 0.86 km/kal ]
* 500 m/s @ 15 km [ 1.85 km/kal ]
* 700 m/s @ 20km [ 3.90 km/kal ]
* will happily return to orbit

Landing (Duna):
* maintain flying speed (> 90 m/s) and control sink rate (< 5-10 m/s?) approaching the landing site
* disable NERV [ 1 ] and enable Terrier VTOL [ 2 ]
* throw the drag chutes to slow shortly before the target [ 3 ]
* throw the main chutes [ 4 ] and apply VTOL power (sparingly)
* touch down square on the gear
* [5] cuts the drag chutes
* PRO TIP: engage RCS in the final moments before touchdown in order to grasp strong control over your pancake descent…

Here’s where it gets tricky. A flat incline, slightly uphill with a short run before a cliff or hilltop is a good bet. With full fuel, TWR will be less than 1, so you need a run. To nail the deal,you may elect to engage VTOL [ 2 ] just before the ground slopes away.

(It’s probably also an outstanding idea to turn on course before starting the take-off roll, if able. :) )

Good luck, Kerbal!!

ECO 2022-01-06 Terrier thrustPercentage was 0 for analysis. Restored to 100%
ECO 2022-01-06 solve main chute cut key problem

           Nice: works on Ike, too!
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