Atlas III
by Hotel26
uploaded 2020-11-27
| Version 3 of 2
stock+DLC ship
#miner #tanker #fuel


1:fuelcells 2:deploy 3:mine 4:LFO 5:mono 6:LF 7:Ox 8:inboard 9:outboard 0:gimbals

swjr-swis variant suggestion, based on the Hotel26 original Atlas II.

ascent to 80x80 LKO:
- SAS stabilize, throttle full, stage
- at 25 m/s, pitch down to 85
- at 140 m/s switch SAS to prograde
- stage when passing 20km
- cut throttle when Ap is ~83km
- at 55+ km stage top fairing
- circularize (~50 m/s)

This should put you in LKO with 2000+ dV left, allowing Mun or Minmus landing with plenty of margin.

A lunar refinery named Atlas III. Built in the KSP 1.7.3 VAB with 352 stock parts.

Atlas III is the successor to and replacement for Atlas II. It is a substantial make-over, engineered by the illustrious swjr-swis, and retains/enhances the capability of the original, while also adding his trademark pizzazz. Notably, it is now able to go to the surface of the Mun or Minmus without refueling. All credit for this superb creation goes to swjr-swis

If you were one of the lucky few who downloaded Atlas II, you will not be disappointed with this upgrade! As a bonus, you own a rare collector’s item, as it has now been deleted

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