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uploaded 2018-12-22
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stock lifter


9:cut chutes 0:landing struts

A stock lifter called Archer. Built with 60 of the finest parts, its root part is probeStackLarge.

Archer is a reusable lifter. It is modeled on and inspired by Javelin, (Brikoleur’s fabulous Wangari Maathai).

Archer may be 1) orbited back to KSC or 2) flown to apoapsis to jettison a payload and then directed to land downrange on the next promontory (40W) east of KSC. In the latter case, after jettison, the payload must secure its own circularization pronto. Control may then be switched back to Archer so that it may be flown to a landing, either on wheels or under chutes.

By careful balancing of fuel, fore and aft, Archer may be de-orbited steeply, orthogonally opposing prograde with its full wing span. (Use the trim indicator with SAS off to exactly balance the fuel: aim to get it center-pegged.) Therefore, you can e.g. start the de-orbit 110 degrees before the surface target (at 180E when destined for KSC.) When finally resuming prograde, move fuel forward and keep it there until slowed under 1,000 m/s. Then move all remaining fuel into the center tank for gentle maneuvering. Finally, for landing, adjust trim by moving some fuel into the aft tank, as Archer is otherwise nose-heavy at slow speed.

Archer lofts payloads up to 100 tons into orbit. Includes a fairing in the nose to join with and potentially cover the payload. Thus, the small docking port can be mated (in the VAB) with a larger diameter payload without adverse drag implications.) The dock also allows Archer, once separated, to be maneuvered and docked with e.g. a space station, fwiw.

Note: in the shot shown below, Archer managed to heft the extra-heavy load by siphoning additional fuel from the payload and then cutting away at apoapsis to allow the payload vehicle to self-circularize. Archer was then flown back to land under chutes.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.3.1.


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: lifter
  • Part Count: 60
  • Pure Stock

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