Aquila VII
by Hotel26
uploaded 2021-08-27
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stock ship


9:NERV 0:panels/radiators

I went looking for a lifter just downrange from my standard Zephyr lifter and unearthed this antique from the early days (ca. 2015)…

A stock lifter called Aquila VII. Built in the KSP 1.11.2 VAB with 139 stock parts.

Before the new-generation Aquila VIII ended the line, Kerbals worked feverishly (with limited budgets) to perfect asparagus-style lifters. The project was code-named MEDUSA (translated: best not to look). Most launches were made in the dead of night, preferably moonless ones, for obvious reasons.

For all that, the Aquila I - VII series were of historical note: Aquila developed the idea of a multi-payload launch platform. Once refueled in space, it could be repacked there with a greater aggregate payload and then sent onward to interplanetary destinations. Aquila carried radiators specifically to support long NERV burns in space.

Note: just remove nose caps from the payload deck to add multiple items, but do take care to distribute the load symmetrically!

Interest in Aquila has piqued due to current mission plans to send a KISS space station into a polar orbit in order to fill one of the adsii1970’s sandbox micro-challenges. VII may permit Mission Control to skip a couple of launches by combining payloads…

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