by Hotel26
uploaded 2022-04-22
(updated 2023-01-26)
stock spaceplane
#HET #skunkworks #anion


1:Three 2:Two 3:One 4:None 5:flaps 6:dock

I know what this looks like. But it isn’t. Has your security clearance been checked? Who sent you??

This is a ‘skunkworks’ project that came out of collaboration with a very shadowy figure, known internally here only as Dr Swis. Nobody knows who he is. He obviously has clout! We just do what he says… and nobody gets hurt…

It works too!! Nobody more surprised!!… ‘AnIons’, whatever they are. It’s big…

The machine: well, it does resemble a Latitude. But it’s been fitted out with some very special engines that have been under development – and ‘wraps’ – for some time. I can’t tell you what the budget is or which agency requisitioned it. Or I’d have to unholster my weapon and make a racket with it…

You happen to know anything about High Energy Transfers…? Here are the keys, ‘Mr Hot-Shot Test Pilot’, it says on your ID. Then you’ll figure it out for yourself, won’t you?

Take the one outside on the ramp. Don’t worry about fueling it. You can have it for 48 hours. Don’t go out of the solar system – and do bring it back in one piece.“

Built in the KSP 1.11.2 SPH with 40 stock parts.

ECO 2023-01-26 independent 100% throttle for the charge engine (just as thecrazyinsanity suggested!); cleaned up keys 5 & 6

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