AC TB-3M Zveno
by HolidayTheLeek
uploaded 2018-04-24
stock aircraft
#mothership #stock #stockpropeller #bomber #i-16


Due to popular (ish) request, I have made the TB-3 Zveno. It certainly looks it shouldn’t fly, but has better speed and climb than the I-16s it’s carrying haha. I’ll upload the I-16s on their own later (still editing a video) and of course the TB-3 is already availiable.

Surprisingly, it flew first time I tested it! Which is good since I have a potato for a PC and get 5fps with this thing.

For it’s size, it has very good flight characteristics! It doesn’t roll very well, but turning it doesn’t take a whole lifetime, and it has a decent rate of climb.


1: Decouple the propellers from the craft

2: Turn on SAS for the main craft, but not the propeller

3: Switch to propellers (using [ ] keys)

4: Hold down ALT + E until the roll meter is completely to the right (Do this for all propellers)

5: Wait until the aircraft takes off

6: Fly like normal, but avoid dipping below 20m/s.

To deploy the I-16s

-This is assuming you already have gotten some altitude
-Deployment of the I-16s is staged, but if you want just one, you’ll have to manually do it.
-There is no way to redock

1: Nose down slightly (5 degrees)

2: Decouple the I-16s

3: Pull up and go back to level flight (in the TB-3)

4: Switch to the I-16(s) and fly like normal.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 941
  • Pure Stock

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