AC 'Sunfish' Class Flying Boat
by HolidayTheLeek
uploaded 2023-03-16
stock+DLC aircraft
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The Sunfish Class Flying Boat – known internally within Grant Heavy Industries as the ‘G-9’, was a large civilian flying boat designed to fly longer distances and carry more passengers than the competing Empire Class Flying Boat built by the Arcan Aeroplane Firm. It was commissioned to Grant Heavy Industries by the newly-established state-owned Imperium Airways due to its experience building large all-metal aircraft like the G-3 ‘Hannibal’.

Design and History

The Sunfish first flew in August of 937 just before the end of the Continental War and was originally intended as a military transport. The aircraft was powered by six externally mounted 1150hp V12 inline engines. This choice in engine mounting was controversial due to the drag penalty it created, however, it was kept due to the fact it allowed for easier maintenance on the engines. With the end of the war in sight however, a large military transport was no longer required and as such, the designers at Grant Heavy Industries repurposed the aircraft for civilian usage. This process required drastic changes made to the internal layout of the aircraft and as such, delayed its entry into service to 940. Despite this, a singular prototype Sunfish Flying Boat entered service nearly a year earlier for use on a diplomatic endeavour.
The Troscan Empire’s defeat against the Continental Powers in 937 led to most of its territories on the Caellian continent to be relinquished. Such a sudden loss in territory made considerable impact on the Troscan Empire’s economy and as such, the Empire looked towards the emerging markets in the nations of the Far East for trade opportunities. The prototype Sunfish Class Flying Boat sent the first Troscan delegates to the Far Eastern Nation of Hainei for trade negotiations in 939 – both due to the fact it was the only Troscan Aircraft capable of flying that far as well as the aircraft itself being a showcase of the Troscan Empire’s industrial and technological might.
Though an impressive aircraft in terms of its size and capacity, it was woefully underpowered and had reliability issues in service. At least three were lost on flights crossing the Great Dividing Sea due to engine failures. It was begrudgingly retained in the Imperium Airways fleet only due to its long range but was replaced by 946 by more reliable flying boats and later, more advanced land-based airliners.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 2162
  • Pure Stock
  • KSP: 1.12.5


Grant Heavy Industries
939 (940 OFFICIALLY) - 946
~60m/s (in game at ~1200m)


1) Use vessel mover or the craft teleporter to move it into water
2) Press 1 to switch to the correct probe core
3) Press R to enable the flaps for takeoff
4) Throttle up and hold S until airborne and then retract flaps
1) Slow down to less than 25m/s before landing
2) Make sure nose is slightly pitched up
3) Land as gently as possible

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