AC 'M' Class 'Millennium' Port George LRV
by HolidayTheLeek
uploaded 2024-03-12
mod+DLC rover
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  • Type: SPH
  • Class: rover
  • Part Count: 4395
  • Mods: 4
  • KSP: 1.12.5

KerbalX has gone a bit munted since this thing is completely stock… Pay no attention to the mod list!
This will probably be the highest part count thing I will ever make that moves Has all the bells and whistles of the previous model (and more!)


The ‘M’ Class ‘Millennium’ was an articulated light rail vehicle manufactured by Grant Heavy Industries from 999 - 1024. The ‘M’ Class gained its official title ‘Millennium’ as its radical design changes - which were more akin to a metro vehicle rather than a traditional tram - represented a sleek and efficient future towards the city of Port George’s slow and often overcrowded tramways. Alongside specially modified L3 Class Trams, the ‘M’ Class specifically served on Route 99: The city’s first tram line modified to fit a more modern ‘Light Rail’ standard.
The ‘M’ Class LRV was designed to specifically meet the requirements on the Route 99 corridor: Located in the city’s growing south-western suburbs, rapid development severely outpaced the capacity of existing transportation options. Route 99 was the sole higher-order public transport link and with overall poor transportation planning in the area, a heavy rail link connecting to the existing metro or even a link to the suburban train network was deemed too difficult. As such, a plan was hatched to improve Route 99 to near-rapid transit standards which, included improved station infrastructure, traffic priority and large scale grade separation. Fortunately, much of the route was already in a dedicated right-of-way with most of the grade separation being done at busy intersections.
The resultant line ended up as a cross between a traditional tram with some street running sections in the city centre combined with higher speed, grade separated sections in the suburbs. With the convenience of a tram, close to the speed and efficiency of heavy rail at a fraction of the cost, the Route 99 LRT was considered a success and opened in 986. Initially, operations were run using ‘L3’ Class trams coupled in pairs which, were modified with pantographs and platform gap fillers to accommodate the high-platform metro-style stops along the route.
Owing to the peculiarities of the line, as well as growing capacity demands, a new set of rolling stock was designed specifically for Route 99 and other potential LRT routes. This would become the ‘M’ Class.
To improve capacity, the ‘M’ Class was close to double the length of the earlier ‘L’ Class and to achieve this, the ‘M’ Class featured an articulated section in the middle - a feature previously only found on Port George’s Metro network. Additionally, to improve passenger throughput, the tram had 6 doors on each side and featured only longitudinal seating to increase standing capacity. The doors themselves had steps in them for the tram-style low platforms in the city centre with platform gap extenders bridging over them for the high metro-style platforms in the suburbs. Lastly, the ‘M’ Class was designed with a pantograph instead of trolley poles from the start to allow for higher speed operation.
The ‘M’ Class entered service on Route 99 just before the new millennium in Mid-December of 999. Upon entry into service, initial models of the ‘M’ Class suffered reliability issues on the platform gap filler mechanisms, however, this was later resolved. Despite initial problems, the ‘M’ Class was well liked by the general public, offering superior ride quality and capacity to the previous ‘L3’ Class trams.
The ‘M’ Class continues to serve today and with 94 built, continues to serve today, running on Route 99 as well as the other, later light-rail conversion lines of Routes 17, 36 and 111.
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Action Groups

(Throttle) Throttle controls for motors.
(RCS) Reverses direction of motors.
(1) Toggle Doors
(2) Toggle platform gap extenders.
(3) Toggle lights
(4) Toggle windscreen wipers

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