AC H Type III 'Conway'
by HolidayTheLeek
uploaded 2022-11-30
stock+DLC rover
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The H Type III ‘Conway’ was a large, armoured fighting vehicle developed by Grant Heavy Industries and the first within the Troscan Military to be equipped with a turret. The Conway was derived from the earlier, turret-less H Type tanks which were initially designed to counter the predicted trench-warfare tactics used on the newly-opened Northern Front of Troscan-occupied Eslan. The Conway tank was moderately successful as a scare weapon due to its intimidating presence, resistance against machine gun fire, and heavy armament. However, it’s large size made it an easy target for enemy artillery. Additionally, a poor layout of crew and poor reliability due to the tank’s mechanical complexity made it vulnerable to guerilla tactics and other forms of improvised anti-tank tactics giving the tank the unfortunate moniker of ‘The Twenty-Ton Tomb’.


In 890, the Troscan Military had secured a victory against the peninsular nation of Eslan and for the first time in history, had asserted its own power onto the Caellian Continent. The nation of Eslan was not a particularly technologically advanced nation compared to its industrialised neighbours and thus, despite larger numbers did not put up much of a resistance against the highly advanced Troscan forces. With a conflict projected to occur with the industrialised, rifle-armed nations in the northern half of the Caellian continent within a few years, the Troscan Military funded the development of armoured vehicles to directly counter the projected trench warfare stalemate on the soon-to-be Northern Front. A few armoured vehicles were built by Grant Heavy Industries – these vehicles were code-named ‘tanks’ due to their water-tank-like appearance.
However, by the year 892, the prospect of a conflict starting against the Continental Powers fizzled out as no signs of an incoming invasion were to be found thus postponing the armoured vehicle program, leaving only a few tanks completed and in service.
In the 43 years of uneasy peace, the majority of Troscan resources were spent on industrialising the captured territory of Eslan and little-to-no advancements were made in military technology. By the year 932, however, the Continental Powers had made leaps and bounds in terms of military tech and by this point were only 10-15 years behind the Troscan Military. This prompted a sudden revival of the armoured vehicle program within the Troscan Military and soon, a 40-year old design – the original H Type I ‘Tank’ – was put into mass-production. Despite their rushed development, the H Type Is were largely successful, though lacking in destructive power due to the limitations of the twin 37mm cannon sponson armament.
The turreted H Type III ‘Conway’ was co-developed by the Troscan Navy due to the their experience in building turreted battleships. The Conway was essentially just a H-Type hull with a turret placed on top, making an already cramped interior even more so. The turret was armed with a larger 57mm cannon to complement the 37mm sponson armament. To compensate for added weight, the Conway was fitted with an aircraft-engine derived V-12 producing 250HP, giving it a top speed of ~16km/h.
On the battlefield, the Conway saw mixed results. On one hand, it was heavily armoured and heavily armed, allowing it to easily break through enemy trench formations whilst lowering enemy morale due to its intimidating presence – the vehicle is often credited in being one of the driving factors towards the Troscan Army’s initial success in pushing Continental Forces further up north into the Orion Ranges by mid 934. On the other hand, it was increasingly vulnerable in less favourable terrain – the complex, temperamental nature of the tank, as well as the fact that it was a large target reduced its success during the latter half of the war. Later Conway tanks were simplified with the side sponsons removed and the Type IV was given a larger gun and larger turret, though this didn’t necessarily solve the problem of its awful crew layout and large size. Soon, smaller light tanks – given the ‘L Type’ designation - were developed for the more difficult, mountainous terrain found in the Orion Ranges.
As the tank matured postwar, the Conway and other H Type tanks were not retained and immediately retired or sold to developing nations in the Far East.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: rover
  • Part Count: 1235
  • Pure Stock
  • KSP: 1.12.4


Grant Heavy Industries
2x 37mm cannon (sponson) 1x 57mm cannon (turret)

Pressing ‘R’ activates a small propeller hidden inside the tank to make it go faster.
Q and E rotate the turret.

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