AC DH 98 Mosquito
by HolidayTheLeek
uploaded 2018-10-21
stock aircraft
#ww2 #stockpropeller #mosquito #bomber #raf


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 358
  • Pure Stock

A friend of mine told me to build a mosquito. Long story short, it was very hard! This is probably why I never see replicas of this fine aircraft haha! It all paid off though, and I think it both flies and looks very good. It’s also among the faster prop replica aircraft I’d built so far. At a speed of nearly 80m/s at sea level, it marginally beats any of my single engined fighters. Hopefully you enjoy this replica as it took nearly 3 hours of my time to make :)


1: Make sure SAS is not on then hold down Alt + E until the roll indicator (bottom left of screen) has the arrow completely pointed to the right.

2: Detach the props by pressing SPACE then quickly press ALT + X to disable the roll trim for the main craft.

3: Turn on SAS and fly like normal.

Top Speed: 78m/s @ 1000m
Top Speed (In a dive): >120m/s
Takeoff Speed: 28m/s
Stall Speed: 20m/s
Climb rate: 10-15m/s

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