AC Buzzard P Mk I-F
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The Buzzard P Mk I was a single-engine monoplane pursuit aircraft designed by the Langley Aircraft Company (LAC) and was derived from the earlier, much larger Boxer P Mk I. Being relatively cheap as a derivative of a pre-existing design as well as boasting superior performance compared to earlier biplane aircraft; the Buzzard Mk I made up the bulk of the immediate postwar frontline Troscan Air Force.


Though radical in its approach to fighter design, the lackluster performance of the Boxer Mk I helped continue to reinforce the conservative doctrine to fighter design within the Troscan Military. This was despite the fact all-metal monoplane construction was already becoming the standard within the civil sector by the early 930s. Nevertheless, the Langley Aircraft Company privately began work on an improved variant of the Boxer - later becoming the Buzzard - and flew by February of 936. As a private venture, the Buzzard no longer had to conform to archaic military requirements and as such, many of the features deemed too radical for the original Boxer aircraft found their way into the Buzzard.
Since the Boxer and Buzzard shared the same powerplant; performance improvements came from making the fuselage smaller, lighter and more streamlined. As all aspects except for the engine and propeller were downsized, the aircraft was given a gull-wing design to give the aircraft acceptable ground clearance. For further weight savings, the twin, nose-mounted 50cal machinegun armament was removed, leaving the wing mounted 20mm cannons as the Buzzard’s sole armament (This was later reverted in the Mk II). Retractable landing gear was even designed for the Buzzard, however, most production Buzzards kept the fixed landing gear for ease of maintenance - these were designated with the letter ‘F’.
The effect of these changes improved maneuverability to the point where the Buzzard was almost on par with the Sparrow Mk V whilst at the same time allowing it to beat the Sparrow Mk VI in both top speed and climb performance.
The performance of the Buzzard impressed Troscan officials so much that it was put into service as soon as possible during the immediate postwar period, thus replacing most Sparrow biplanes from frontline service. The Buzzard only saw service in smaller conflicts, mostly concentrated in the far East and was vastly superior to the hand-me-down, Continental War-era fighters flown by most air forces at the time.
From the 950s and 60s, the Buzzard and other first-generation monoplane aircraft were slowly phased out by larger, more advanced aircraft with engines up to twice as powerful as well as having features like enclosed cockpits and retractable landing gear as standard.


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The Langley Aircraft Company
936 - 964

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