AC B-24 Liberator
by HolidayTheLeek
uploaded 2018-04-21
stock aircraft
#b24 #heavybomber #USA #stockpropeller #big


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 713
  • Pure Stock

I finally made an American heavy bomber! Certainly handles like one too! I’ve had to modify the plane slightly after making the video to improve flight performance. Since the aircraft can barely fly past 100m with three bombs, I’ve only given it two. I’m especially proud of the detail I’ve put in this thing as well; like the rotating turrets. However, because of the rotating turrets taking too much room, I couldn’t fit any waist gunners. This was a request by EpicSpaceTroll on the forums and inspired by Xenome’s fantastic Tu-4 and B-29


1: Decouple the propellers from the craft

2: Turn on SAS for the main craft, the top gunner, ball turret, but not the propellers

3: Switch to propellers (using [ ] keys)

4: Hold down ALT + E until the roll meter is completely to the right (Do this for all propellers)

5: The plane should take off on it’s own at around 45m/s.

(Manual takeoff is possible at lower speeds, but due to the ball turret, this is very difficult)

6: Fly like normal, but avoid dipping below 30m/s.

  • Roll rate is terrible. When turning, start rolling back before you finish the turn.
  • Turrets are rotated using Q and E
  • Fuel at the front is left there on purpose to correctly place the centre of mass.

Top Speed: 54m/s (no bombs) 52m/s (with bombs)

Top Speed in dive: I haven’t had the patience to be able to climb this thing high enough to test this..

Stall Speed: 30-35m/s.

Climb rate: 5-7m/s

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