AC Arcan AA-XXXII "Hercules"
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uploaded 2023-01-12
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The AA-XXXII Hercules was a large, four-engine biplane airliner capable of carrying 32 passengers and a substantial amount of cargo. The aircraft entered service in 909 and served until the early 930s when larger, more capable monoplane designs largely replaced it. It was designed to fly long overland routes within the newly-annexed nation of Eslan.
The aircraft’s designation is derived from the Arcan Aeroplane Firm’s former naming convention for airliners: AA being the company’s (former) designation for airliners and the corresponding number representing the amount of the aircraft’s seated passengers. This type of designation was discontinued in 933 due to a few too many aircraft sharing the same amount of seats - an example of which is the (much later) AA-XXXII Condor.

Design and History

With the annexation of Eslan in 890, the Troscan Empire had its sights on taming and developing the resource-rich Eslanian deserts. With only a threadbare network of privately-owned mining railways unfit for passenger use; crude, land-based airliners emerged to help solve the logistics problem of moving people and goods across the vast, undeveloped Eslanian landmass.
With demand rapidly outgrowing the capabilities of earlier single or twin-engine aircraft, the state-owned Imperium Airways put out a requirement for a large airliner, capable of carrying at least thirty passengers. As the specification implied an aircraft with the capability of flying longer distances, at least three engines were mandated by the Troscan Government in the event of an engine-out. In addition, the specification required an aircraft able to take-off and land from the short and rough airfields commonplace within Eslan.
As top speed was not a priority, despite recent advancements in the civilian racing sector, a biplane configuration was chosen both for ease of maintenance and for extra lift to allow for much shorter takeoff runs. The large, 500hp 9 cylinder radials were also left exposed for further ease of maintenance. The passenger cabin was clad with corrugated metal paneling and was thoroughly sound-proofed inside for passenger comfort: The noise inside the cabin was often advertised as being Not greater than that of an express train Aimed at luxury customers, seating was given ample leg room. This meant that in an all 3rd class configuration, the aircraft could actually carry more than 32 passengers.
Upon entry into service in 909, the AA-XXXII Hercules had a cruising speed of 96mph - this was improved later on in service with the addition of improved four-bladed propellers in 915, raising the top speed to 105mph. As faster airliners began entering service by the 920s and 30s, the Hercules was often relegated to shorter distance or cargo-only flights. On those shorter distance flights, the Hercules was often refitted with 10-12 extra seats.
The AA-XXXII Hercules was finally retired in 933 when the Imperium Airways fleet was compromised as termites were found in the wing spars.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 2068
  • Pure Stock
  • KSP: 1.12.4


The Arcan Aeroplane Firm
909 - 933
~60m/s (in game)


-Press 1 to set control to the correct probe before flying
-Land very gently - the main wheels aren’t very strong

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