AC Albatross LF Mk IV
by HolidayTheLeek
uploaded 2019-04-19
stock aircraft
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Following the success of the Albatross II, the design teams at Uncle Carlos Aerospace (UCA) split to further develop the fighter for future conflicts. The Albatross II eventually became obsolescent throughout the 2030s-40s. The design team developing the Albatross III focused on speed, range and climb, whereas the other design team created a lighter fighter, which, focused on agility, TWR and cost efficiency. To ease production and cut costs, only one engine was used. Other changes included different wings, a singular rudder and a simplified ‘tube’ fuselage. Like the Albatross III, certain components captured from Russian and Atlantis fighters were evaluated, reverse engineered and added to the aircraft. Aside from cockpit layout and engine, the Albatross IV shared very little with it’s predecessors.
Testing commenced at the same time as the Albatross III after the Atlantis-Holiday Conflict, but would ultimately enter service first in 2039. The aircraft suffered relatively few problems as it was less advanced compared Albatross III. Nevertheless, it was successful as it was easy to fly, agile and cheap to buy and maintain. As it was cheap and easy to produce, it became the backbone of the Holidian Airforce. As of 2050, the aircraft remained the most mass produced Holidian aircraft at over 4500 being produced. The low cost of the aircraft attracted many export customers with the Albatross IV being used in fourteen different countries.
The Albatross IV was eventually retired in 2075 by the Holiday Air Force, though, examples of the type remained in service in other countries well into the 2090s.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 142
  • Pure Stock

Above: Albatross III Circa 2051
Below: Albatross II Circa 2028

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