by Hjorvir
uploaded 2016-05-06
stock spaceplane
#Spaceplane #Hybrid #Plane #Rocket


This is the IOT Version 3 (So fine we skipped a number!)

This is pretty much a modular spaceplane, that is able to disassemble from a regular plane to its rocket essentials, down to its lander essentials.

The craft is able to reach orbit with its given components, but also has room to add science objects once you find its ideal flight profile.

It’s pretty much a one-trick-pony that can go from anywhere to a regular recon plane (just replace the engine in the back with a jet and siphon out the oxidizer) to a fully fledged spaceplane, or even space station, given that it has energy production, a docking port, etc.

Version 3 comes with smaller updates to maneuverability, as well as a more stable landing gear that allows for smooth take-off and landing. I’ve also modified the control surfaces slightly to give it a more sleek look and a better CoM / CoL ratio.

Please note that the screenshots are taken from version 1 of the IOT. Looks have slightly changed, but I couldn’t really find the motivation to take all-new screenshots.

Feel free to download the craft and see what has changed within your SPH. I promise it’s worth it!


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 53
  • Pure Stock
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