The Innovation
by Henry_P
uploaded 2016-09-02
stock spaceplane



  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 805
  • Pure Stock


The Innovation has had a lot of work put into it with just one problem- my computer isn’t beefy enough to test it!! It’s built to do the Jool 5 working like this- use the RAPIERS to get into orbit, decouple the wings, use Nervs to get to Jool, use the separate landers, and aero brake at Kerbin by using the Lathe SSTO/ lander. Hope you enjoy! Can hold 2 Kerbals for a round trip, no drone cores.
Oh- and the action groups and staging needs editing.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.1.2.

The whole craft may need adjusting due to the fact that I haven’t actually tested it yet, but the staging and action groups need major editing, especially the Tylo lander asparagus.

How to fly-
If you can’t get a normal SSTO into orbit, then you’ll have no chance with this so watch some youtube and practice flying other SSTOs if you aren’t used to it. So launch the vessel and fly it into orbit just with the RAPIERS, although it may be necessary to add on a few vectors if you’re having difficulty. Once in orbit, ditch the RAPIERS and the wings and turn on the Nervs. There are several drop-tanks that need attention for this part. Burn to Jool, Tylo assisting your way into orbit. Then land on Tylo first, using the lander at the front. The Tylo lander has mass asparagus staging, so good luck with that. Then get the Kerbal back to the ship and move on to Lathe, but this time keep the lander (you can guess which one the Laythe lander is) and the heat shield, because you’ll need them later- keep a Kerbal in the main ship at all times! No drone core. Then Vall, Bop and Pol in no particular order. Set a course for Kerbin, get the guys in the Lathe lander and decouple the heat shield with it for re-entry, and land at the KSC!

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