162- Porsche 918 v1.3
by He_162
uploaded 2017-07-30
(updated 2017-07-30)
stock rover
#Porsche #porsche #918 #spyder #stock


The latest update to my Porsche has brought it’s top speed down to 100 m/s, with the maximum safe speed being 80 m/s.
The reason I have done this, is because it has an insane amount of drag and body lift from the new design, and I need to work around that with clipping and other forms of changing how this beast handles. Until then, expect it to handle worse than before.
New features:
l Boost flaps
l Redesign on body
l Better handling (at low speeds)
There is a very large number of parts with the new design, this was to be expected, I will release an update (v1.4) that will improve on this, although I doubt it will be lower than 300 parts, but it will bring improved handling and speeds as well.
(Breaking causes spoiler and boost flaps to engage, it does not brake front wheels, so use it to drift or slow down at high speed, etc)


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: rover
  • Part Count: 312
  • Pure Stock
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