Bachem ba 349 Natter with transporter
by HB_Stratos
uploaded 2017-08-17
(updated 2017-09-23)
stock aircraft
#military #experimental #replica #realistic #rocketplane

Read the Manual or the natter won´t work.


The german Natter was a fast anti bomber attack plane that was launched vertically.
I´d highly recomend using the Pysics range extender mod. Otherwise the trailer will break if you don´t manage to launch the natter and immedeatly switch back to the trailer and retract the launch ramp by pressing 1.

How to set up the natter:

-Make sure that both command pods are manned
-launch the craft
-Eva the Kerbal on the Natter
-board the external command seat in the natter
-Press Abort to decouple the trailer
-Switch to the truck
-Drive whereever you want

How to fly the natter

-switch to the trailer
-deploy the legs of the trailer by pressing G
-Activate Actiongroup 1 to turn the natter
-switch to the launch ramp with the natter
-activate SAS
-throttle to max
-fire the natter by activating RCS

Note: Stage doesn´t work sometimes so use SAS to launch

-point radial out
-drop the boosters after the burned out
-climb up to ~ 8000-10000 m
-slowly pitch horizontal
-line up with the target

Note: you will only have a small radius you can attack in depending on your fuel

-Stage to drop the nosecone and fire the (fictional) rockets at your target
- short before your fuel runs out pitch slowly(!) radial in
-wait until the fuel runs out
-glide to your landing location (stay above 1000m over ground)
-Stage to jettison the Nose (the nose will be sacrificed) and open the chutes on the back
-wait until the chutes on the back have completely opened and the seated Kerbal drops out
-open the Kerbals parachutes
-land safe

The launch ramp can be retracted by hitting 1

Feel free to tell me in the comments what I should build next
A stock aircraft called Bachem ba 349 Natter with transporter. Built with 232 of the finest parts, its root part is trussPiece3x.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.0.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 232
  • Pure Stock

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